Why You Need The Red Guide

The Red Guide to Recovery is a comprehensive, easy-to-read post incident recovery tool that walks disaster survivors step-by-step through the recovery process.

When first responders and emergency personnel leave the scene of a disaster, survivors often fall prey to predatory solicitors, scams, misinformation, and/or make decisions that have serious long term implications. In general, people who go through a disaster do not know what course of action to take in the aftermath.

San Diego County Handbook

In addition to a 10-Point Quick Start checklist for the first 24 hours of recovery, the guide includes detailed chapters critical topics such as:

  • Emergency services to secure and protect property
  • Displacement and relocation tips
  • Disaster relief and financial assistance
  • Homeowners & Renters insurance issues after a loss
  • Personal property considerations
  • Smoke and water damage information
  • Estimating repair costs to structural damages
  • Selecting a qualified contractor
  • Public insurance adjuster services
  • Hazardous material concerns
  • Safety and precautions after a disaster
  • Trauma intervention and grief counseling
  • Avoiding disaster scams
  • Phone directory with local, state, and federal government agencies, insurance companies and websites

Let Us Customize The Red Guide to Recovery To Meet the Needs of Your Agency

Find out how to Bring the Guide To Your Community .  The Red Guide was designed to be customized easily for bulk orders of 200 or more.  This unique resource has been an invaluable tool for communities across the U.S.
The Red Guide - Open Book

Get Your Personal Copy of The Red Guide

Purchase a personal copy of The Red Guide to Recovery available in our National Edition paperback, and as an eBook or App for your mobile device.  A Native American & Alaska Native Edition is also available in paperback.