The Quick Start Guide

When the need arises, this guide can help determine the priority items you must take care of immediately following a disaster.

What’s in the Quick Start Guide:

  • What to do immediately after disaster
  • Safety concerns
  • Flood precautions
  • Health and welfare concerns
  • Rebuilding and replacing losses

Download and print from our Free Tools page:
Quick Start Guide by The Red Guide to Recovery

After a disaster strikes, survivors are often unsure of what to do immediately after.  Without guidance, it is certainly possible to make decisions that could cause injury, death, or have long term adverse effects.

Depending on your specific disaster scenario, there may be other safety issues or precautions to consider that are not listed in this Quick Start Guide, but the tips in this guide provide basic starting points to assist disaster survivors immediately after a catastrophic event.

Find more information in The Red Guide to Recovery eBook, an invaluable companion to the Quick Start Guide.  It provides details on the recovery process with images and resources compiled specifically for the disaster survivor in need.