Red Guide Toolbox

The Red Guide Tool Box

Our comprehensive set of FREE tools to help you recover from disasters.

Each Toolbox DOWNLOAD includes:

  • New Tool

    PDF FileAddressing Toxic Smoke Particulates in Fire Restoration

    After a fire, tens of thousands of toxic chemicals and gasses are produced from the vast array of materials and products that have burned. This white paper provides compelling information, gleaned from many credible sources that explains the risks and health hazards regarding smoke and suggestions on what you can do to protect yourself and your family from toxic smoke and particulate exposure

  • PDF FileQuick Start Guide

    Print this 2-page guide and keep it with your emergency kit. When the need arises, this guide will help you determine the priority steps you must take care of immediately following a disaster.

  • Excel FileDwelling Inventory of Features and Fixtures

    This pre-populated spreadsheet helps you to recall fixtures and decorative elements in your home structure to expedite the recovery process and maximize the benefits of your insurance coverage.

  • PDF FileHow to Secure Your Property & Home

    Using detailed images, this 11-page full color guide describes practical steps for securing doors, windows, and installing fencing to protect your home after a disaster.

  • PDF FileEmergency Plan and Contact Information Form

    The Family Emergency Plan is a form you can download, or complete online and print, to keep family, medical and insurance contact information close at hand. Keep a copy of this form with your emergency preparedness kit at home, in your car, and at work.

  • PDF FileEmergency Contact Card

    With most people using cell phones as our address book, you need to carry this handy wallet or purse size card with you at all times. Print one for each member of your household, including children. You will have a plan and source of reference when you need it!

  • PDF FileVehicle Emergency Kit

    In the event of an emergency, there is a good chance you may be in your car. Be prepared and stock your car with critical supplies! Here is a handy checklist to help you decide what you might need.

  • PDF FileHomeowner Preparedness Logbook

    This one-page instruction sheet was designed to help you create a one-stop log book or binder to hold all the critical information you will need in case of a disaster. Use this checklist before you need and be prepared in the event of a disaster.

  • Word DocumentLost Pet Poster Template

    Get tips you should know about creating an effective lost pet poster. Our free Lost Pet Poster Template will get you started, just update it with your pet’s information.

  • PDF FileHome Improvement Contract Checklist and Tips

    This 2-page checklist contains vital information you need to know before you sign a contract for improvement or repairs to your home.

  • PDF FileContractor Questionnaire and Checklist

    Our free checklist is a great tool to help you select a qualified contractor and includes questions you need to ask before hiring a contractor, and recommendations to protect yourself from picking the wrong people to work in or on your home.

  • PDF FilePublic Insurance Adjuster Questionnaire and Tips

    If you are considering hiring a public adjuster, there are a few things you may want to consider before you sign a contract. See examples of how a public adjuster works, a list of top 10 tips, and questions you must ask before hiring!

  • PDF FileRestoring Utilities After a Disaster

    This helpful 2-page PDF provides tips to help homeowners restore their utilities after a disaster. Our guide provides information about the process of obtaining the required permits for restoring utilities, and other tips to help restore services.