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Fraud reportingChasing a Disaster Chaser
Read this Los Angeles Times investigative article for examples of how a special kind of con artist scams insurers and disaster survivors.

Five Tricks of a Con Artist
This article from the Texas Attorney General’s office gives 5 good examples of things you might hear from a con artist:  1.) Something for nothing;  2.) He makes you like him; 3.) It’s now or never; 4.) You’re going to be rich; 5.) It worked for other people.

FBI Alerts Public to be Aware of Disaster Fraud in Aftermath of Recent Wildfires
This article from the FBI warns about the 5 types of disaster fraud, charitable solicitations, price gouging, contractor and vendor fraud, property insurance fraud, and forgery.  Read about  how to protect yourself from these scams.

Consumer Protection Division – Post Disaster Awareness
Important information provided by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s website regarding post-disaster scams.

Consumer Fraud Protection Alert: Don’t Get Burned Twice Adobe PDF Download icon
A helpful pamphlet with tips on common types of frauds and scams from the Wildfire Zone at

Helping Family and Friends Avoid Charity Fraud
Information from the Federal Trade Commission at regarding charity Fraud. Includes warning signs, how to check on legitimate organizations, and how to file a complaint.

FTC Warning: Beware of California Wildfire Charity Scams
Information from the Federal Trade Commission at regarding wildfire charity scams. This report advises consumers to “be wary of appeals that tug at the heart strings, but are short on details about how disaster victims will benefit”.

Keep Protecting Yourself After A Disaster
Information from the Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs about protecting yourself in a time of need, and how to tell the difference between who is helping and who is trying to harm you.

Fight Fraud America
The mission of this grass roots group is “Fighting Fraud Through Communication and Education”.  Find resources to help you before and after a scam, or contact them for help with presentations to groups.