Recovery Resources: Flood Damage

The Road to Recovery – After a Flood
From, see a short but important list of first steps to take for flood recovery.

Repairing Your Flooded Home (PDF)
This 56-page PDF booklet by the American Red Cross, provides a comprehensive list of all things you need to take care of after a flood, including getting organized before you start cleaning, restoring utilities and preparing for the next flood.

Electricity Cost Calculator by
Use this calculator to help you estimate the cost of running appliances and equipment. Often, this type of equipment can run for days – drying fans, heaters, and dehumidifiers use a lot of electricity.

Cost to Repair Water Damage
Use this calculator to get a rough idea of flood recovery costs.  Enter your zip code and property square feet to find a high and low estimate.

Water Damage Restoration – Wikipedia
Read about terms and process used for water damage restoration, and classification and categorization of water damage.

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