Example Cover Designs

These are examples of cover designs for The Red Guide to Recovery handbook.  The designs shown here are only a sample of the possible designs for the front cover.

State of California Edition //////////// California Citizen Corps Edition
California State Edition Cover Citizen Corps Edition Cover
San Diego County Edition San Diego County (Spanish Edition)
San Diego County Handbook San Diego County Spanish Language edition
San Francisco Edition Licking County Ohio Edition
San Francisco Edition Cover LLicking County, Ohio Edition
City of Los Angeles Edition City of Los Angeles (Spanish Edition)
Los Angeles Standard Cover Los Angeles Spanish Edition
County of Los Angeles Edition State of Colorado-Northeast Region Edition
LA County English Cover State of Colorado - Northeast Region
AMERIND Risk Edition California Tribal Fire Chiefs Edition
Amerind Native Cover California Tribal Fire Chiefs Cover
San Manuel Band of Indians Edition Clark County Fire Dept. Edition
San Manuel Band Cover Clark Co Metro Chiefs Cover
National Edition (Retail Version) Native Community Edition
National Edition - Retail Cover San Diego County Native American Edition
Sony Pictures ProtectSPE Edition
Washoe County Edition
Sony Pictures Cover Washoe Book Cover