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Sean A first hand witness to thousands of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed by disasters, Sean Scott, a second generation building contractor specializing in disaster restoration, became aware that survivors were ill equipped to take the steps to recovery. Unaided, or misguided, disaster survivors struggle to successfully navigate the complex process, and so, The Red Guide to Recovery – Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors was born. Used by fire departments, relief organizations, government agencies, and communities across the U.S., The Red Guide to Recovery helps countless people prepare for and recover from disaster events.

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5 Unique Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

June 4th, 2011

With Hurricane season upon us, being prepared is crucial. Here are some useful tips that will help you prepare for the upcoming weather.

  • Put gas in your car, so that when you are permitted to do so, you’ll be able to evacuate and not have to wait in long lines at the pump
  • Set your refrigerator at the highest setting, this way when the power shuts off your food will stay cold and fresh longer.
  • Do not flee from shelter! Hurricanes are persistent and it will only put you at a higher risk of danger.
  • Not only should you have extra food but your pet should too
  • A misconception is to find shelter under bridges and over passes. This is wrong and will only cause traffic congestion, flying debri, and high air pressure.

Hurricanes can be a deadly threat within the first 48 hours, for more information on preparation tips visit the FEMA page all about Hurricanes.


About the author