Disaster Recovery: Community Assistance

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community volunteersDisaster Distress Helpline – Coping after a tragedy
This 27/7, year-round hotline is dedicated to helping those experiencing emotional distress related to natural or man-made disasters.  It’s free and confidential, and available anywhere in the U.S.

Disaster Assistance Community Resources
DisasterAssistance.gov offers a list of many resources in and around your community that you can connect with to help you move forward. This includes help finding government offices and services near you, in your local community or state.

FEMA Blog on Recovery:  Stories of Rebuilding Communities
The FEMA site shares many resources, including stories of how communities and neighborhoods have re-built, and reconnected after a disaster.  Some of these stories provide interesting statistics on what it takes to recovery.

VIDEO:  Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Grants for Fire Departments

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company supports firefighters for safer communities by awarding grants for equipment, training and community education programs. Learn more about the program and how it works in this video.