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Designing for Disaster

There are lots of articles written, TV and movies about natural disasters and disaster recovery, and now we can add a Museum Exhibition! It’s at The National Building Museum in Washington D.C. and the new exhibit called “Designing for Disaster” is on display now until August 2, 2015. One goal of the exhibit is to…..

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Know the Facts: Ionization Smoke Detectors

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) posted an article not to be missed regarding smoke detectors.  Did you know there are two popular technologies used for smoke detection?  This headline article provides helpful information about both ionization and photoelectric technology.  You will also find a link to making smart choices for the placement of…..

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disaster robot

Can you imagine disaster-ready robots in our future?

Disaster recovery teams often bring together a combination of human, animal and technology resources, but how about a walking robot or a cyborg cockroach? This article from NPR Technology News, A Contest To Build A Disaster-Ready Robots, shows not only examples of robot designs that will help with faster and easier responses, but check out…..

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