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House on fire

Do you have a family escape plan in case of fire?

Within 60 seconds, smoke from a house fire can harm those inside.  Within two minutes, you may not be able to escape!  You need an escape plan, and time to go over the plan with your family.  Include not just what to do, but what not to do, and have alternate plans in mind in…..

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City Blackout - 2003

Have You Ever Been in a Blackout?

Are you taking full advantage of National Preparedness Month this September?  It’s a great time to think about all the things we plan to think about later, and somehow push off for months or years. Preparedness efforts can’t be planned after a disaster!  For example, blackouts….the site offers some great tips on what to…..

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Earthquake damage

Are you ready for the next earthquake?

With a recent “swarm” of southern California earthquakes, it brings to mind how important it is to be ready!  Every year, The Great California Shake Out encourages individuals, businesses and schools to organize an earthquake drill. This year, 2012 Great California Shake Out earthquake drill is October 18th at 10:18 a.m.  You can get some…..

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Senior couple making emergency plan.

How do I file an insurance claim?

Filing an insurance claim can be one of the most difficult things you will face as a disaster survivor.  They key is to learn about the process before you start.  Understanding components of homeowners insurance, how the process works, and what’s covered and what’s not covered (before you need to know). Did you know there…..

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Grab 'n Go 3-Day Essentials Emergency Kit

Where can I get a disaster kit?

A disaster kit is an essential piece of equipment for every household.  You probably know this already, but do you have one? A basic kit should have 3 days worth of supplies for each member of your family, including pets.  You should not count on access to ATMs, stores, water or food and have a…..

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Turn off Natural Gas

How do I shut off gas at the meter?

If you had an emergency occur at your home, right now, would you know how to shut off your natural gas meter or propane tank? Consider a practice run before you need to do it!  Check out these helpful videos to learn how, and then try it for yourself at your home: Videos on How…..

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