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Join us for the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history

Did you know a 2008 study forecasts a 99.7% chance of an earthquake the size of the Northridge Earthquake or larger anytime during the next 30 years?  There are lots of ways to prepare, but one of the best ways is to participate in the annual Great California Shake Out.  This 60 second drill event…..

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Sean Scott-Author-withNick Ferreira

Don’t be a victim twice!

By Sean Scott We were pleased to share some history about The Red Guide to Recovery in a feature article in the July 2013 La Jolla Light.  The interview includes some great examples of how the book helps disaster survivors no matter what the situation.  Whether a natural disaster or other catastrophic event, The Red…..

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Flood Safety Lessons

First account stories are truly interesting to read.  We found a fascinating recent account of Swift Water Rescue Team member, Scott E. Schermerhorn, Master Technician – Technical Rescue of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department.  His stories bring to life the warnings we all know when it comes to flood safety…”be prepared” and “turn around…..

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Know the Facts: Ionization Smoke Detectors

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) posted an article not to be missed regarding smoke detectors.  Did you know there are two popular technologies used for smoke detection?  This headline article provides helpful information about both ionization and photoelectric technology.  You will also find a link to making smart choices for the placement of…..

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Happy New Year

Enjoy a Happy 2013 New Year!

The Red Guide to Recovery wishes you a very happy holiday season and new year!  Celebrate safely and dedicate 2013 as your year of personal preparedness. Here are some tips for safe celebrating and driving by Consumer Reports. Visit our Free Preparedness and Recovery Tools page to support your recovery and preparedness.  

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Christmas tree on fire

Minimize Holiday Hazards

As the holiday season begins, most people are reminded of good times, beautiful decorations and great meals.  Sadly for some, it’s a reminder of how safety never takes a holiday.  In 2010, Christmas trees played a role in 250 fires and 14 deaths, and caused more than $13.8 million in property damage, according to the…..

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