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Dog fire safety

Does your fire safety plan include your pets?

It may sound strange but true, but hundreds of fires are started by pets each year.  If you are a pet owner, check out this article by the AKC on how to include your pets in your safety plans, and tips for preventing your pet from causing a fire. It’s also important to consider how…..

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Include Your Pets in your Preparedness Plans

In the event of an emergency, your pets need care and attention. View this video with tips on how to add your pets to your disaster preparedness plans. Remember to have a preparedness pack of food, treats and medications to help keep your pet calm after a disaster. Also visit FEMA’s website for a…..

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Can Your Pet Cause a Housefire?

Did you know hundreds of pets annually are responsible for starting fires in their own homes?  That great smelling candle might smell good to your pet too, and all it takes is a wagging tail to start a dangerous fire.  You’ve probably seen many warnings to keep kids away from fire sources, but we may…..

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