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disaster robot

Can you imagine disaster-ready robots in our future?

Disaster recovery teams often bring together a combination of human, animal and technology resources, but how about a walking robot or a cyborg cockroach? This article from NPR Technology News, A Contest To Build A Disaster-Ready Robots, shows not only examples of robot designs that will help with faster and easier responses, but check out…..

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Native Community Fire

Are there disaster recovery resources for tribes?

It can be a challenge for disaster survivors in Tribal Communities to find relevant information to help with recovery. Agencies like FEMA, AMERIND, TREMA, and USET all provide great resources for emergency management, financial support, and recovery assistance specifically designed for Native communities.  Check out our list of resources for Tribal Community Disaster Recovery. The…..

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September is National Preparedness Month

Have you been in the unfortunate position to find out first hand if you were ready for an emergency?  For many of us, we realized being prepared goes beyond the assembly of an emergency supply kit, but requires planning, staying informed during the emergency, and getting involved to help family, friends and your community as…..

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Three Simple Disaster Recovery Tips

We have gathered many great resources on disaster recovery and preparedness for you to check out on the Red Guide website, but if we had to choose a top three, here is what we want you to know: Have supplies ready to stabilize and protect your home. Practice how to shut off your utilities like…..

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What will you do in a power outage?

We like the Be Prepared California website because it gives easy to read safety tips for natural disaster and emergency situations.  Check out the link on our Disaster Hazards and Safety Preparedness page to read about Safety in a Power Outage.  Here are a few highlights… Did you know food in a half-full refrigerator is…..

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Summertime & Fire Safety Strike a Great Match

It’s summertime, and many of us are lucky enough to fire up a BBQ on the weekend as we enjoy a “staycation”…(a real word now in the Merriam-Webster dictionary)!  Although it might not be the ideal time to think about fire safety, The Red Guide to Recovery’s Fire Preparedness page provides some quick resources to…..

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