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Do you know about Federal Disaster Aid?

FEMA recently posted a great list of frequently asked questions about Federal Disaster Aid.  There are probably a few questions you didn’t know to ask along with some straightforward answers.  Although the post was directed to storm victims in Missouri, this information is helpful for anyone in need of assistance: Commonly Asked Questions about Federal…..

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Do You Have a Resiliency Plan?

When you think of being “prepared” for a disaster, it typically includes a home escape plan and having food and water supplies.  But what happens after that? We were pleased to be included in a recent article that looks at the goals and realities of community resilience.  Learning how community and government agencies are partners…..

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PDA Team Assesses bridge damage

Preliminary Damage Assessments Help States with Federal Aid

FEMA just released a very interesting post on their blog about how Preliminary Damage Assessments (PDA) are made after a disaster.  This is the process that occurs before a Major Disaster Declaration is made.  Although PDA teams do not determine whether a major disaster declaration will be issued, the information they collect is provided to…..

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