Customize The Red Guide for Your Community

More Information ButtonWe want to help your community become more resilient to disasters.  As the perfect community outreach tool, The Red Guide to Recovery supports the transition from hands-on support of first responders, to the recovery phase residents must navigate on their own.     

We personally manage all parts of the publishing process allowing us to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.  Please contact us to discuss your needs, and pricing.   Minimum custom orders start at 200 books.

Customization Options

View, print or download our full-color brochure illustrating our unique Customization Options.

The Red Guide Cover Example

Front Cover

We can customize the front cover to display up to 4 logos of your choice, (Fire Agencies, County seals, Relief Agencies, Offices of Emergency Management seals, etc.)

The front cover text can be tailored to indicate your specific region or community.

See examples of our Cover Designs.

The Red Guide Chapter Content ExampleChapter Content

The chapters cover the most pertinent and comprehensive information a disaster survivor needs to navigate the recovery process.For a complete list of chapter content, see our Chapter Content Overview.In addition, dedication statements or testimonials can be placed near the front of the book.

The Red Guide Directory Page ExampleContact Directory

We can customize the phone and contact directory for local phone and website URLs for City, County, State, and Federal Agencies, along with a wide variety of support resources.

You may wish to include state or county agencies, utility providers, and local relief agencies.

Simply provide us with the contact information of the agencies and or service providers you want to share with your community, and we can customize the directory for you.

The Red Guide Sponsors Page ExampleSponsor Page

The sponsor page allows you to acknowledge any agencies or sponsors who have helped you bring The Red Guide to your community!

Include logos, or words of acknowledgement for your sponsors support.

Youqrcode may also include a QR code in the back of the guide.  When scanned by a smart phone, the code can direct users to any website for emergency updates or public service announcements.

The Red Guide Back Pocket ExampleRear Pocket

For orders of 500 books or more, we can provide a rear utility pocket to hold CD’s, DVD’s, vouchers, coupons, or other supplemental information.

This pocket allows relief organizations, local merchants, service providers, and others, the opportunity to insert things like coupons that could be used for hotels, restaurants, discounts on supplies, etc.

For low income families or those without insurance, a pocket filled with discount coupons can really make a difference.

How to Order The Red Guide

The Red Guide to Recovery can be customized to suit the needs of any agency, city, county or state in the U.S.  We are happy to discuss your goals and budget and can offer a variety of options for customizing the Guide.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you bring The Red Guide To Recovery to  your community.

  • Phone: 858-453-6767
  • We are glad to work with you directly to consider any funding options available to you.


Provide Your Community With The Red Guide to Recovery

“The Red Guide to Recovery has proven to be an excellent resource to aid victims of fire in our community. As promised, this reference helps prepare victims for the issues they will face during the recovery phase.”

~ Chief Javier Mainar – Fire Chief, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

Disaster survivors are truly grateful for a resource that helps
in all aspects of recovery.  Nowhere else will you find a customizable resource
that meets the unique needs of your agency and community.

We look forward to working with you to make The Red Guide to Recovery
part of your community’s resiliency toolkit.

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