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disaster robot

Can you imagine disaster-ready robots in our future?

Disaster recovery teams often bring together a combination of human, animal and technology resources, but how about a walking robot or a cyborg cockroach? This article from NPR Technology News, A Contest To Build A Disaster-Ready Robots, shows not only examples of robot designs that will help with faster and easier responses, but check out…..

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Family pictures

How will you protect your irreplaceable items before a disaster?

After a disaster, there are two common household items people often wish they had planned for as part of their disaster preparedness and recovery plan.  These items typically have very little monetary value as far as insurance is concerned, but they usually have very high sentimental value.  The first item is family photo albums.  As…..

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Dog fire safety

Does your fire safety plan include your pets?

It may sound strange but true, but hundreds of fires are started by pets each year.  If you are a pet owner, check out this article by the AKC on how to include your pets in your safety plans, and tips for preventing your pet from causing a fire. It’s also important to consider how…..

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Will your homeowners insurance cover you when you need it?

Now is a good time to review your insurance policies to be sure you understand what is covered and for how much. As part of your efforts to be prepared and plan for recovery, homeowners and renters should take a few minutes to review their policies before a disaster strikes and assess if you can…..

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Flat Stanley Preparedness

Are You Prepared for a New School Year?

One of FEMA’s recent blogs is a great reminder for parents and kids to think about emergency preparedness.  Has your child started at a new school?  Do you know what their emergency plans are, how they contact parents, and where they take kids if they need to leave the school or day care building?  All…..

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House on fire

Do you have a family escape plan in case of fire?

Within 60 seconds, smoke from a house fire can harm those inside.  Within two minutes, you may not be able to escape!  You need an escape plan, and time to go over the plan with your family.  Include not just what to do, but what not to do, and have alternate plans in mind in…..

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