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Happy New Year

Enjoy a Happy 2013 New Year!

The Red Guide to Recovery wishes you a very happy holiday season and new year!  Celebrate safely and dedicate 2013 as your year of personal preparedness. Here are some tips for safe celebrating and driving by Consumer Reports. Visit our Free Preparedness and Recovery Tools page to support your recovery and preparedness.  

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Hurricane Sandy - New Jersey

New York Hurricane Recovery

As a follower of the FEMA blog, we found today’s post by Michael Byrne, Federal Coordinating Officer, to be an amazing reflection on the recovery efforts to support New Yorkers after Hurricane Sandy.  You can read the blog post at  New York, One Month After Sandy In this short excerpt, Michael describes the support…..

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Christmas tree on fire

Minimize Holiday Hazards

As the holiday season begins, most people are reminded of good times, beautiful decorations and great meals.  Sadly for some, it’s a reminder of how safety never takes a holiday.  In 2010, Christmas trees played a role in 250 fires and 14 deaths, and caused more than $13.8 million in property damage, according to the…..

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after the hurricane

Overwhelmed with your insurance claim process?

Any disaster survivor can tell you that “after” a disaster is certainly not the ideal time to learn about what your insurance covers, and about the process to make a major claim.  The truth is many people don’t know until it’s time to make a major claim.  When there is a natural disaster like Hurricane…..

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Veteran Volunteer

Thank You Veterans…and Veteran Volunteers!

Did you know that many veterans continue to protect and serve by volunteering in their communities?  Veteran talent is used in disaster preparedness and recovery.  Citizen Corps Councils across the country offer 3 ways that Veterans support their communities: Volunteer to support local response agencies Be an advocate for local emergency preparedness Be a leader…..

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Flood dry-out companies can cost you an arm and a leg!

After a flood, you need to carefully consider what course of action you will take to repair your home.  Obviously, standing water needs to be extracted, but you need to determine if it is more cost effective to remove and replace water damaged drywall, cabinetry, flooring, or baseboards, rather than paying a dry out company…..

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