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What will you do in a power outage?

We like the Be Prepared California website because it gives easy to read safety tips for natural disaster and emergency situations.  Check out the link on our Disaster Hazards and Safety Preparedness page to read about Safety in a Power Outage.  Here are a few highlights… Did you know food in a half-full refrigerator is…..

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Summertime & Fire Safety Strike a Great Match

It’s summertime, and many of us are lucky enough to fire up a BBQ on the weekend as we enjoy a “staycation”…(a real word now in the Merriam-Webster dictionary)!  Although it might not be the ideal time to think about fire safety, The Red Guide to Recovery’s Fire Preparedness page provides some quick resources to…..

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Can Your Pet Cause a Housefire?

Did you know hundreds of pets annually are responsible for starting fires in their own homes?  That great smelling candle might smell good to your pet too, and all it takes is a wagging tail to start a dangerous fire.  You’ve probably seen many warnings to keep kids away from fire sources, but we may…..

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Author Awarded the Maltese Award

The 39th Annual Spirit of Courage Awards Banquet was held on May 26, 2011 in La Jolla, California.  This year, Sean Scott was selected as the recipient of the San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association Maltese Award, in honor of The Red Guide to Recovery.

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Hazardous Material Concerns After a Disaster

Unfortunately thousands of disasters, whether large or small in scale, occur every day and homeowners, business owners, and property managers are forced to face unfamiliar territory, making decisions that can greatly affect the livelihood or wellbeing of others.  Some of the decisions that disaster survivors are faced with involve topics that restoration contractors face on a day to…..

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5 Unique Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

With Hurricane season upon us, being prepared is crucial. Here are some useful tips that will help you prepare for the upcoming weather. Put gas in your car, so that when you are permitted to do so, you’ll be able to evacuate and not have to wait in long lines at the pump Set your…..

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