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fire evacuation

Make Sure You Have Enough Insurance!

After the Southern California wildfires of 2003 and 2007, numerous families found themselves under-insured and unable to rebuild their homes for the amounts they were insured for.   This was due in large part to agents selling policies with cheap premiums that were based on undervalued replacement cost values and/or policies that had limited coverage. In…..

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Handling Harsh & Hostile Heat

Most people have endured high heat at some point, but it is an unbelievable reality for over 100 million people experiencing it at the same time.  At one point 4 million of those people were without power. Would you know what do to? With over 12 states posting excessive heat warnings, there are lots of…..

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Watching out for Hurricanes and Heat

Every week, FEMA posts a blog to share what they are watching regarding weather related activities or other events.  This week, they share information about storm activity and expected heat waves.  FEMA provides great resources and tips, and we hope you find them useful. FEMA Blog:  What We’re Watching 6/22/12 Also see from Hurricane…..

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hazardous materials

Hazardous Material Concerns After A Disaster

During a disaster, hazardous materials like chlorine bleach, ammonia, detergents, asbestos and lead based paint can become disturbed and cause contamination. If this happens, steps must be taken to contain and abate the affected areas in order to ensure your health and safety, as well as the environment. Following are a few hot points to…..

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Red Guide to Recovery - Native Edition

AMERIND and the Red Guide Share Vision of Recovery for Indian Country

We are pleased to share our latest release of The Red Guide to Recovery eBook for Indian Country.  AMERIND Risk Management Corporation, has just announced in their April 1st media release describing the collaboration that lead to the development of the new eBook available on Barnes and Noble (and soon to be on iTunes). “Would…..

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PDA Team Assesses bridge damage

Preliminary Damage Assessments Help States with Federal Aid

FEMA just released a very interesting post on their blog about how Preliminary Damage Assessments (PDA) are made after a disaster.  This is the process that occurs before a Major Disaster Declaration is made.  Although PDA teams do not determine whether a major disaster declaration will be issued, the information they collect is provided to…..

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