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Turn off Natural Gas

How do I shut off gas at the meter?

If you had an emergency occur at your home, right now, would you know how to shut off your natural gas meter or propane tank? Consider a practice run before you need to do it!  Check out these helpful videos to learn how, and then try it for yourself at your home: Videos on How…..

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Flood - Homes under water

Is flood damage covered by my insurance?

Homeowners do not often know if water damage is covered by their insurance policy until they need to know.  Some types of damage caused by water are covered in a homeowner policy, but a flood is generally not one of them. Check out these articles to find out more about flood coverage and what you…..

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FEMA Contractor Photo by Marilee Caliendo/FEMA

What are the pros and cons of hiring a “Preferred Contractor”?

When faced with the critical decision of what contractor to hire to rebuild or repair your home after a disaster, you will learn that some insurance companies have vendors that they like to use on a regular basis.  Some even have more formal preferred vendor programs where contractors will get referred on a regular basis……

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Earthquake Fire Damage in Napa, California Photo by Christopher Mardorf / FEMA.

If your house was on fire, what would you take with you?

Here’s an interesting question posted on The Daily Post…If your house were on fire, what would you grab first?  Replies to this post give food for thought about how ready you are in the event of a disaster like a house fire.   If you have papers, photos or irreplaceable items, consider a fire box or…..

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Why does my house still smell like smoke?

Here is a noteworthy fire restoration tip… After a localized disaster like a kitchen fire, an entire home can become charged with smoke.  One area that is often overlooked is the duct work and heating system.  It is always a good idea after a fire to have the ducts and heating system inspected, cleaned, and…..

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Windsor, Colorado. May 24, 2008 --Famers Moble Claims center rolled in at 3am on Friday and started prosessing claims. The buse is three months old and has alrady been to 15 tornados. Photo: Michael Rieger/FEMA

Are You Creating an Insurance Inventory? Don’t Fake It!

When you are in the process of creating an inventory of your personal property, be sure to be honest about what you are claiming as lost, damaged, or destroyed.  The National Insurance Crime Bureau warns if an insurance company determines that a fraud is committed on a portion of an insurance claim, they could deny…..

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